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Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars are the best way to get aquainted with new tools and methodologies. We love to share knowledge and often speak at public events.
Stuff we've been covering in the past includes enterprise PHP development, Zend Framework, Agile methodologies and NoSQL datastores.

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Zend Framework 2 Hands On Course

Enterprise web development with Zend Framework 2

Learn how to develop high quality web applications with the Zend Framework 2, an open-source PHP5 Framework, designed to support the development of enterprise applications and web services. The course is an hands on workshop, which means it helps you to learn by doing. We'll introduce most important ZF2 concepts and also develop a small project together. You can find the course program here.

The course is a 2 days, 16 hours event, and has a cost of 45€/hour per person. We love helping the community, hence we have a special price (36€/hour) reserved for students and freelancers. A new edition of the course is activated as soon as the minimum number of 6 participants is reached. Keeping the number of participants low allows to ease learning, therefore we only admit a maximum of 8 people per course. If you're interested, let us know; you'll hear from us as soon as we'll be ready to start a new course.

The course is held in Italy, but if you're a foreign company, no worries. We can come to your offices. Just scroll page down and find out about our training courses specially crafted for companies.

  • A great course, also suitable for beginners. All topics are introduced in a clear, logical way. Teachers know stuff well and are always ready to help and answer questions. Truly a great experience!

    Matthias Abele
    Freelance PHP Developer - Udine, Italy

  • A great course for all PHP developers interested in Zend Framework 2, and also for those who want to improve their programming skills. The good practices I've learnt about web application design and development will help me in my daily job. Glad for having attended!

    Daniele Rastelli
    Next Technology - Fermo, Italy

  • This course helped me getting started with the Zend Framework 2. The development of a real application has been a killer feature, allowing us to quickly grasp all ZF2 concepts. I highly suggest it, especially if you have previous PHP experience. It'll make you immediately productive.

    Giuseppe Fabiano
    Freelance PHP Developer - Udine, Italy

  • These guys have a knack for making complex things seem easy. The friendly, informal environment they create and the limited number of people allowed per course ease learning a lot. Highly recommended!

    David Contavalli
    Freelance PHP Developer - Treviso, Italy

I'm interested in the Zend Framework 2 course. Please let me know once a new course is ready to start. Thank you
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Company Trainings

We do offer companies a chance to quickly get up to par with the tools and methodologies we use in our daily workflow. We can tailor one or multiple day courses to suit your needs. You'll have a chance to learn from people who actually write code, design and deploy complex systems everyday. We're available for sharing our experiences with the Zend Framework 2, Patterns of Enterprise Applications in PHP and most famous OS SQL and NoSQL datastores (IE MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis. MongoDB, CouchDB).

A one day course can save you from weeks of trial and error. Feel free to get in touch and get a quotation. It costs you nothing and could save big time.

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