Success Stories: Examples of Web Applications we've developed

Success Stories

Below you can find some examples of projects we've been working on for the past few months.
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VDA Multimedia - Hotel ONAIR Platform

Onair Platform

Brining entertainment to the cloud

We've been working together with our featured client VDA Multimedia to create the first entertainment system, entirely based upon web technologies such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. The application runs on the cloud and relies upon a scalable architecture with several NoSQL back-ends (CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, OrientDB). It can be enjoyed either on a room TV or on a tablet.

A dedicated Content Management System, based upon the Zend Framework allows for contents to be edited and deployed to a CouchDB instance, which is then used to propagate both application logic and data, so to guarantee system availability even in the case of network shortage. The system is currently deployed within the Amazon Web Services ecosystem and is serving VDA Multimedia customers, which means some of the most important hotels worldwide.

Hotel ONAIR App on iTunes VDA Multimedia Website

Visidata Limited - Vision


Getting you reports. Everywhere

Based in the United Kingdom, our client Visidata Ltd. is the European official distributor for the Sawmill Log Analysis platform. A well known tool in the Log Management industry, Sawmill allows to get accurate and reliable web metrics by analysing server's log files. Visidata Ltd. received many requests for Sawmill reports to be made available to portable devices also, so that they started to work a Mobile application to do the job.

We've been invited to take part in the development and contributed to the project coding the licensing system, as well as the error management framework. Application's been written using the PHP language and the CodeIgniter framework, besides the jQuery Mobile framework for its user interface. We're now proud to hear that the application is going to be installed at several large enterprises and a few governmental agencies worldwide.

Try out the demo Visidata Ltd Website

Ideal Service Soc. Coop. - InPlant

Ideal Service InPlant

Everything always under control

Ideal Service Soc. Coop. is an ISO certified waste recovery company, with several plants scatteredd all across northern Italy. Our client needed a software system to automatically track plant failures, and also to centrally manage the assets for all their facilities. We've been working on a web application with a distributed architecture, offering a good user experience, despite the critical environmental conditions.

Sharding and multi-master asynchronous replication have been implemented at the application layer, upon a PostgreSQL back-end, so to exploit the features of a solid relational database, without affecting everyday operations. System can continue to work even in the case of network shortages. Application runs within customer premises, and can also be used from tablets and smartphones.

System Screenshot Ideal Service Website - IT Conference Directory

Keep up to date with technology is a conference directory, featuring upcoming events in the IT industry. Access to the system is free and attendees have the chance to find out about most important conferences in the industry and related deadlines (closing call for papers, early birds, event dates).

The website is currently based upon a simple Zend Framework application and offers a tag based search facility, as well as a comprehensive event listing capability with filtering by location, period and/or subject. During the last few weeks we've been welcoming more and more visitors, especially from our home country Italy. That sounds great to us, both because we know we're giving our small contribution to the community, and also because we have a chance to study new interaction patterns and user behaviours. Website

Marinotti Cortina - E-Commerce

Marinotti Cortina

Luxury shopping, online

Marinotti Cortina is a fashion chain store from Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. Our client needed an e-commerce platform for the retail of exclusive collections and products on sale. On the first iteration (step of work in our process), we've developed the dynamic online catalogue and the back-end, where the catalogoue inventory and the order workflow can be handled. On second Iteration we have developed the shopping cart and the payment bank gateway system.

We're currently analyzing feedback from customers and usage states before deciding, together with our client, the most promising feature to proceed upon.

Marinotti Cortina Online Store

VDA Multimedia - Movie a La Carte

Movie a La Carte

Enabling hotels to create their own palimpsests

Movie a La Carte is a web application which allows hotel managers to create their own hotel in-room personalized palimpsests. The system automatically handles licensing and internationalization issues for movies, as well as taking care of distributing contents through a bittorrent protocol implementation.

Of course, all of these technical details aren't visible to the hotel manager, who just selects the movies she wish to be made available in her hotel rooms though a web interface, helped by movie descriptions, reviews, significant metadata and also a preview. All of this is made possible through a web application based on the Zend Framework and several APIs to interact with content providers such as Youtube and Rotten Tomatoes.

VDA Multimedia Website

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